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Unity the Band

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Unity the Band Basics

Reggae / Roots Music / Rock
Band Members
Pita Katobalavu - Lead Vocal
Christine Williams - Piano, Keys, Vocal
Steve Scott, Jr. - Drums, Vocal
Tim "Track T" Burton - Bass Guitar
Jeremy (Chunk) Schroetter - Percussion, Vocal
Dan Waters - Guitar, Vocals
Ryan Gleason - Guitar, Vocals
Steve Johnson - Saxaphone, Vocal
Alana the Fabulous - Backup Vocal/Percussion
Roots(Nyabinghi)Reggae, Rock, Funk, Hip-Hop, Jam, Jazz, Classical, Soul/Gospel, Rock-steady, Punk, Ska, Dancehall, Blues, Latin, Pop
Home Town
Liberation released April 2004
In the Beginning released March 2006

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