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TJ's Bio - The Music Afficianado Band Reviewer

TJ's Bio - The Music Afficianado Band Reviewer in Green Bay at GBNightLife.comEmail TJ
There really is no right or wrong when it comes to music. As for my beginnings of being an avid music lover, it began at the early age of 10 when I was on a school field trip at a music appreciation event in the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee (my home town). I play guitar, have been in many bands, and I'm really passionate about photography but it was at the age of 14 that I moved to the title town and fell in love with the music scene here. There was: Vacuum Scam, Giants Chair, Vascular Basalt, Boris the Sprinkler, Covent Garden, Varment, and so many others. I was in rock and roll heaven and thanks to venues like Kutska's Hall and the Concert Cafe holding all ages shows I always had great live music every weekend. Also I would like to extend my gratitude to Time Bomb Tom and Rich Winkler for bringing so many great bands to this city. At one time Green Bay was one of the best independent music hubs on the map! I moved back to Milwaukee for a couple of years and worked at the radio station New Rock 102.1. It was great, I had free tickets all the time to see bands like Sonic Youth and the Violent Femmes. I soon found that radio had very little to do with music and everything to do with advertising and that wasn't cool with me. I left, but still felt it was a great experience. When I moved back to Green Bay the scene was at its peak! Then band Face to Face played at Kutska's Hall when the floor started to give in and after the show the building was condemned and closed. Then the wave started to roll back. That loss of Kutska's was huge but the Concert Cafe down on Main St. was quickly in line to handle the flow of bands and at that time even bigger bands were coming to play. The hot locals at the time were Paris @ 2am, Sunday Flood and still Boris the Sprinkler to name a few. The shows kept getting bigger and better at the Cafe and it was around that time that I moved to (Madtown) and my music vocabulary was completely expanded.

Madison was completely different from the scene I left in Green Bay, It wasn't focused on any style or genre and it never was for the four years I lived there. I was exposed to more heady influences like Natty Nation, Droids Attack, and many classical performances on the square. My eyes were opening up to many different genres to the point that I became pretty much game for whatever. I got to frequent the Union and the Rathskeller and see some of the best and most diverse music ever, but what Madison failed to have was a actual scene. Just alot of great music everywhere. Four years later I came back to Green Bay; I thought the scene was gone completely. The landscape was forever changed and music was not as big of a part of the city anymore. In hind sight I was completely wrong, it was more like the bands and venues were not networking like they used to. The deeper I dig, I see IQ's Bar, Jimmy Seas, Eagles Club, White Dog Cafe, and Pi Nightclub giving the local artist a stage. Today I see the tide is rolling back in with a less punk and more rock and funk scene, but if Green Bay's signature punk comes back up from the underground, then who knows? There is a tsunami of talent in this area and when it all finally comes together you will agree! If you know of a band or some music you would like me to check out send me an email tj@greenbaynightlife.com. I like all kinds music and if you flip through my CDs you might find Nas, Dave Brubeck, Andrew Bird, and the Beastie Boys right next to each other. I don't believe in bad music, you just need to find the right way to understand it. ~ peace tj

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