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Timsan's Green Bay, WI

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1654 E Mason St
Green Bay, Wisconsin 54302

Timsan's Description

Timsan's Japanese Steak House is proud to present Hibachi style dining right in the heart of Green Bay, Wisconsin. They feature steaks, seafood, fish and chicken. American food, Japanese style, prepared at your table.

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Um, Eww!

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review of by FoodieChica 08-13-2012 11:32AM
I gave it one star because I had to, but it was truly the worst $57 I've ever spent to dine somewhere. My husband and I went to Timsan's, a place whose parking lot is full all evenings of the week and whose funny sayings & quotes on their sign, invite you to explore the restaurant inside. When we arrived we were greeted by a bunch of people sitting at the bar, all of them their backs to us. I heard a "Hello" but I wasn't sure who it was coming from. After the voice asked me for how many, a woman turned around and got up from her bar stool to fetch menu's for us. She was wearing hot pink shorts, a white see through t-shirt that showed her hot pink bra and flip flops that were in one pint in their lives white. She sat us down & took our drink orders. When she brought our drinks, she set down my drink and slid it over instead of either coming around and setting it by me or setting down & just letting my husband pass it along. Left again & came back with a stack of plastic bowls & plates. Yes, plastic. The plastic that looks like ceramic, but it's not. After the rest of our table was filled with other patrons, she took our food order & after 1/2 hr wait, the chef came out to our table. He introduced himself & started chopping & flinging veggies & shrimp left & right. It was fun to see- he clanks the spatulas on the griddle in fancy movement combos, but that's about it. He did the zuchinni, onion & shrimp appetizer and the first bite I took told me immediately I was NOT going to like the food. The taste was of the griddle & sauce he added to the foot. But if I were to close my eyes I couldn't tell you what I was eating. Next the steak, chicken & shrimp, as well was the fried rice. It all tasted the same. It didn't taste like chicken, or steak or shimp. It tasted like the oil/butter he used & the sauce he added. I was truly disappointed not only with the lack of presentation from the waitress but also the lack of taste from the food. The chef probably made a few comments here and there, but no other interaction with us, or the rest of the table. The only good thing about going is that now I know how bad the food/service is, and I won't be tempted or curious to try it.


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review of by Paige5 02-03-2012 07:32PM
Reservation time was late by 20 minutes. Food was quite delicious and was prepared in an entertaining manner. Waitress was condescending and impatient. Maybe because we were new to the hibachi style of food preparation. I noticed on the menu that tips were shared so maybe she lacked incentive to be pleasant. Menu seemed overpriced for food choices. Dinner area was quite crowded and there was no place to sit at bar. We were stuck against a wall for our pre-dinner cocktails.
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Map of Timsan's

Timsan's Events

    Timsan's Basics

    Japanese Steak House
    Mon - Fri: 5:00 pm - close
    Sat - Sun: 4:00 pm - close
    Cross Streets
    E Mason & Heyman
    Handicap Access
    Handicap Access
    Price Range
    Ranges $$/$$$($8-$25)
    Accepted Monday thru Thursday
    Payment Methods
    Cash, Visa, Mastercard

    Timsan's Features

    Meals Served
    Beer, Wine, Full Bar
    Worth Noting
    Home of the Original Sake Bomb
    Dinner is prepared at your table
    Outdoor Seating

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