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Skirtz Lounge Green Bay, WI

Green Bay Restaurants and Bars


1238 Main Street
Green Bay, Wisconsin 54301

Skirtz Lounge Description

Skirtz Lounge is located in Green Bay's historic Main Street area across from Cock & Bull. They claim to "have just about every available shot, cocktail or beer" there is to offer.

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Rated 1.5 out of 5

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Still waiting

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review of by Bruce 07-29-2016 11:18AM
I stopped Tuesday and would still be there waiting for my beer, if I have not left after 15 mins. I would say very poor servers but, you have to get served first. She was foul mouth lady who only knew four letter words.
As bad as Tuesday night was last night was 100% better. Young lady serving behind the bar had an ideas of what she was doing. Still doesn't make up for Tuesday. Raised my rating up only because of the lady last night. Still only a 2. Place won't be open come xmas
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review of by Devin 09-27-2015 03:15AM
I stopped in one evening after work because I use to love Classics which is what this bar was formally. The bartender claimed she was the owner which I am hoping is not truly the case because she was crass, unprofessional and swilling down shots. I get that it is a bar. Called me old fashion, I still don't find it appropriate to swear like a sailor in front of your guests. On top of that, she was very negative and speaking I'll of someone I'm assuming was an employee or perhaps a frequenting customer. I ordered an amber beer. She seemed annoyed and wanted me to name a specific one, but any amber was fine with me. She handed me a red lager that tasted awful and a far cry from an amber ale. Clearly has no bar knowledge. She didn't know the difference. Still, being desperate for a cold beverage, I drank it. Wanted to order another one that was correct but sat neglected with empty bottle for close to 15 minutes because she was too busy with dice games and trash talking to assist me. This experience doubled with what I have heard, I will never be back and I can't imagine it will be open much longer. It is rare that any of my friends have heard of the place, but the few who have feel the same as me. Sorry so long, I just find it to be a real travesty to mistreet a business that way. I was tempted to call the next day to ask for owner to find out if it really was the owner I had dealt with. It is difficult to find a good bar that is customer oriented these days. I'm low maintenance. Would like to be acknowledged and served what I actually order and not just a random grab. Iwould suggest Standard or Cock and Bull if you want something on Main St. Otherwise Roundabout next door is good. I believe it is a gay bar, but its really for anyone. The owner is so sweet and the energy alone is much better. I've had good service at all three places and the bartenders are real bartenders and not someone who has to guess at everything. Otherwise, if craft beer is your thing, Ned Kellys has an awesome selection which I never would have guessed.
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Map of Skirtz Lounge

Skirtz Lounge Events

    Skirtz Lounge Basics

    Pizza and Garlic Bread Only
    Mon Closed
    Tues - Sun 4PM - 2AM
    Green Bay East
    Cross Streets
    Roosevelt & Main
    Price Range
    Inexpensive $(under$8)
    Not Accepted
    Payment Methods
    Cash, Visa, Mastercard

    Skirtz Lounge Features

    Beer, Wine, Full Bar
    Worth Noting
    50+ Wines and 25+ Martinis
    Outdoor Seating
    Outdoor Patio
    Pool, Darts, Foosball

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