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Silent Planet

Green Bay Bands

Silent Planet Description

A unique blend of punk, blues, rock, indie, and angst, the Silent Planet sound is a culmination of styles and influences coming together to create songs that are vaguely familiar yet entirely original.

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Map of Silent Planet

Silent Planet Basics

Alternative Rock
Band Members
Carl Case, Josh Vanderboom, Johannes VanVeen
Johannes: Jeremy Tagart (Our Lady Peace), My Chemical Romance, Remember Oz, Smashing Pumpkins, Sweet Carl, Dropping Daylight, Karl Marx. Carl: Pink Floyd, Andrew Bird, Sonny Rollins, FDR, C.S. Lewis, Ben Folds, NOFX, Kings of Leon, Smashing Pumpkins, Our Lady Peace, Patrice Lumumba. Joshua: NoFx, Old Offspring, The Beach Boys, Andrew Jackson, Bad Religion, Stephen Vanderboom,
Home Town
Green Bay
How to Contact Us
Email us @ silentplanetmusic@gmail.com

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Upcoming Shows
Crunchy Frog 7/13/09 9pm
IQ's 7/24/09 9pm

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