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Quasars Description

The Quasars are a jam/fusion/rock band out of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Forming from the disbanding of two local groups, The Quasars hit the music scene in early Summer 2008. This group consists of 5 members - Anthony Kennedy, Alex Drossart, Jack Hale, Jonny Vesely, and Zachary Bader. Shortly after stepping into the infancy of their existence, The Quasars began a light, but enjoyable summer line up of gigs, playing local restaurants and a gig at a city sponsored music performance in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. These shows sparked some public interest, and have pushed The Quasars to continue on performing in the Summer of 2009, with a CD planned for early summer.

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Quasars Basics

Funk / Fusion / Freestyle
Band Members
Anthony Kennedy: EWI/Vocals
Jonny Vesely: Guitar
Alex Drossart: Keyboards/Vocals
Jack Hale: Bass Guitar/Vocals
Zach Bader : Drums/Vocals
Phish, Medeski Martin and Wood, John Scofield, John Coltrane, Radiohead, The Band, and The Beatles.
Home Town
Green Bay

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