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Pushing Clovers

Green Bay Bands

Pushing Clovers Description

Booking Agent: terry.j.dewey@hotmail.com
Press Contact:
Terry Dewey
Artists We Also Like:
BonZai McPherson, Muddy Udders, French Irish Coalition, Dirty Deuce, Shaker and the Egg and so many more...
Band Interests:
We are interested in playing loud!
We met at Bilotti's Pizza working in the kitchen, he liked rock and roll I liked rock and roll. We pretty much never shut the f_ck up about it.Well then we became good friends with Matty Day of Muddy Udders, He helped us on bass for quite a few epic jams and shows. Now a new bass player is in, Tyler and already I can tell his addition is going to evolve this sound we call music.

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Pushing Clovers Basics

Indie blues punk garage
Band Members
Terry Dewey - Guitar and Vocals
Tyler Alexander - Bass
Travis Pashek - Drums
old blues, hardcore punk, garage, rockabilly, surf and soul.
Home Town
Green Bay
Not yet but if we do ever have one it will be called "Better than a Donkey Show"
How to Contact Us

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Upcoming Shows
JUL Sat, Jul 3
Doors Open: 11:00 AM
Ages: All Ages
Record Store Day Exclusive Company Green Bay
Green Bay, WI

JUL Sat, Jul 3
Doors Open: 10:00 PM
Ages: 21+
Crunchy Frog
301 S Broadway, WI

JUL Sun, Jul 18
Doors Open: 9:00 PM
Ages: 21+
Crunchy Frog
301 S Broadway, WI

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