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Profound Will

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Profound Will Description

The vocalist and drummer of The Sounds Of Dissension formed Profound Will in 2012 with the idea in mind to create something that drove on the roots of punk rock, with hardcore passion and a pro-liberty, socio-political lyrical content that would awaken the minds and hearts of music lovers. Featuring Ronin on lead vocals and guitar, Tim on drums, Josh "Vicious" on Bass and Mandy on keyboards...Profound Will gives you a unique spin on fast, catchy rock; often described as sounding like The Doors playing Hardcore Punk. You will not want to step away.

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Profound Will Basics

Punk / Hardcore / Rock / Metal
Band Members
RONIN Roninberg - Guitar, Lead Vocals
TIM Timler - Drums, Backing Vocals
MANDY Mandyson - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
VICIOUS Vicioustad - Bass, Backing Vocals
Misfits, Agnostic Front, The Clash, Rancid, System Of A Down, Dog Fashion Disco, Municipal Waste, Bad Brains, Ramones, Dead Kennedys, Pennywise, Ignite, Billy Talent, Iron Maiden, Jethro Tull, Rush, Metallica, At The Drive-In, Shai Hulud, Amen, Alice In Chains, Blind Melon, AFI, 36 Crazyfists, In Flames, The Jam, Foo Fighters, Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Social Distortion, Nirvana...etc

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