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Patricia Summerfield, Food and Restaurant Critic

Patricia Summerfield, Green Bay's Food and Restaurant Reviewer at GBNightLife.comEmail Patricia
Patricia Summerfield is the resident restaurant critic for GBNightLife.com, an online dining and entertainment guide in the Green Bay area. She has over thirty years of experience in the food and retail industry having worked with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large company chains with mass production. She has a thorough working knowledge of restaurants and bars given her years of service in various capacities such as waitress, cook, hostess, bartender, and manager.

In addition to Patricia's experience with the hospitality industry she has also dabbled in the retail and travel industries. In an effort to express her creative side, she has designed gift baskets for a small boutique and worked in sales for interior design centers. In the travel industry she has worked for companies like AAA and Embassy Suites.

Patricia enjoys traveling and has seen many parts of the United States, Mexico, and Europe tasting and experiencing the different cuisines they have to offer. She has served the Green Bay community through years of volunteer work, fundraising for the underserved children in Brown County, and taking on leadership roles in community service committees such as Big Events for Little Kids and the Back to School Store. In her spare time Patricia loves to sing, read, garden, hike, cross country ski, and to spend time with her husband, Mark. She has also passed on her love of cooking and experimenting with new recipes to her two children, Chad and Shannon.

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