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**** Before submitting anything, please check to make sure the profile isn't already on our site. If it is you can edit it by clicking on "Add/Correct Info" or "Claim & Edit Page." On the band pages, click on "This Your Band?" ***

How to submit a profile page (see images below)

    1. If you do not have a Green Bay Night Life account then create one by clicking here.
    2. If you already have an account then login by clicking here.
    3. After you login or create your account then click on "Add a Listing" on the left hand menu
    4. If you are a band or musician click on the first radio button "Bands - Free"
    5. If you are a restaurant or bar click on the second radio button "Free for Restaurants/Bars"
    6. Click the "Submit" button
    7. A category drop down box will appear, select the relevant choice (bands are the last item in the list)
    8. Click the "Submit" button
    9. A longer page with text boxes will display. Fill in all the appropriate information
    10. Then click on the "Submit" button again.
    11. After you click submit you will see the title of the listing with a pending status, you can edit it by clicking on the manage icon (paper with pencil)
    12. Your new submission will be reviewed and posted by our staff.


How to Add a Profile