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Nakashima Green Bay, WI

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2200 Holmgren Way
Green Bay, Wisconsin 54304

Nakashima Description

If you're hungry for our famous mouthwatering sushi or want to try the adventure of our hibachi tables the knowledgeable staff at Nakashima is ready and eager to serve you. Nakashima of Japan offers both Hibachi and Sushi Dining. Hibachi is where our chef prepares your dinner in front of you while flipping salt and pepper shakers, spatulas, forks, or whatever else he finds … maybe even your food! The food tastes as great as their show looks. We take the freshest fish or vegetable, wrap it in vinegar rice and roasted seaweed for a taste that is simple satori (enlightenment). We try to keep the heritage of Japan alive in our dishes as well as appeal to our American customers. We have rolls the Japanese have been making for centuries such as the Negihamachi Maki and the Tekka Maki. We also have some that never left the borders of the dairy state. Our Red Dragon Roll and Nakashima Roll we invented right here. So come and travel to Japan using nothing but your taste buds.

Nakashima Reviews

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Ask about allergies at your table!

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review of by 03-01-2017 05:17PM
Nakashima's has been a birthday tradition for many years in our family and has always proven to be a consistently a good experience, that is until this February 18th. It was my birthday and as we always do in our family we went to Nakashima's for dinner. It was a Saturday so they were especially busy. We arrived around 7pm and were told it would be an hour and a half. We did not mind the wait, as we do not see each other that often as we have grown older and would use the time to catch up with each other. It was a little after 9 when were seated. We were the second last table to be seated. We were seated with a young family, 4 children and two adults. Since there were three of us, all adults, it made for a pretty tight squeeze. Right from the start something was different. Nothing was happening as it typically does. When I got my steak and mushrooms before any thing else, I asked our chef what was going on. I didn't get an answer so I told him I wanted the fried rice I ordered which always comes before the entree. I was told I would get it at the end. Hearing this I went to see the manager on duty to ask why. All very calm I might add. I was told there was a food allergy at our table. Turns out someone was allergic to onions. It also seems there is onions in almost everything they make there. So when I got back to the table, upset at this point, and explained why we did not get the meal we ordered, I must have gotten a little loud. We could not help but wonder why that persons meal had not been prepared in the back kitchen or why we were not seated with the last table which only had two people and was seated immediately after us, not that we would have minded waiting a little longer since we had already waited over two hours. The mother of the children told me I was scaring here children. (Oh, did I mention the woman was wearing pajama pants. I don't think I could say anymore about the type of people they were than that.) I wasn't that loud, then her boyfriend decided to enter the conversation with an attitude so things went down hill from there. There were a lot of things management could have done to assure we got the meal we ordered. They really dropped the ball and it became a much larger problem than it needed to be.

Pretty Cool Experience

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review of by 02-27-2012 11:24AM
I was skeptical going here at first. I didn't know if I'd like the food, experience, etc. I must say that I walked away impressed. The food was pretty good and it was something different than the ordinary dinner.

We started in the bar area which is very dimly lit and kind of contemporary. Kind of had a clubby feel to a certain extent. Drink prices were average, not cheap but not totally expensive.

We then moved to our dining area. We had a group of 4 and there were 4 others that sat around the grill. Dinner prices ranged from $20 to $40/person. The experience is largely based on the cook you get. We had a nice guy and did a pretty good job, I saw others that looked pretty skilled and had more presentation. The food was pretty good and all cooked up in front of you. And you get small portions throughout.

Service was friendly but it was really slow getting drinks and our bills ended up getting charged to wrong cards. This was probably the only negative.

I would definitely recommend and go back. To me to seems better in a group than just a couple, and probably would go a few times a year at most. But the food was good and experience was pretty cool.


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review of by 04-07-2011 01:20PM
This is a fun place for the whole family ! The bar area is unique and cozy.....with great decor and a giant squid above your head ! There is a wide range of available drinks.....both American and Asian. Kids love the Japanese bubble gum soda with a marble stuck in the bottle neck ! I am told by my family this is the best shrimp in town.......but I don't think I'll ever know since I always order the filet mignon....which is simply fabulous. Portions are large, and of course the juggling and expertise of the hibachi chefs is always amusing.....and they pay special attention to amuse any kids present. Hibachi dinners include soup, salad, tea, appetizer, meal and dessert. The lifesize ninja statues are cool, and the staff seems to enjoy themselves. Nakashimas is a place we go for a special occasion, as the whole experience is great.


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review of by marie84 01-08-2011 06:41PM
This is certainly an interesting restaurant with its decor. Particularly in the lounge area your eyes won't be bored. It's very dark and there's a giant squid or octopus hanging from the ceiling plus large murals on the walls. They have large booths that are very private and they serve a couple of Japanese beers and sakes. The sushi is only so-so (I tried tuna and eel rolls) but the hibachi is very good (the angus filet is delicious and tender).

good food, good portions

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review of by gumshoe 08-25-2010 08:16PM
I had a friend visiting from out of town and we decided to try this place because we were looking for a unique dining option. This place seems like a pretty well run restaurant. The food is good (what you expect from a Japanese steakhouse), and the portions are generous. The service is efficient and the place definitely has a unique style. We only tried the hibachi and not the sushi, but I thought the quality of hibachi food was better than some other places I have tried in the past. 4 stars because our chef wasn't the most pleasant and our waiter, although efficient, was not friendly.

Great Place

review of by 07-22-2009 09:48PM
What a great place to eat or to hang out with either just adults or with the whole family. The lounge here is very inviting with great decor. The food is always excellent and there is something for all taste buds. The sushi is worth its value as is the hibachi. I would definitely recommend!
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Map of Nakashima

Nakashima Events

    Nakashima Basics

    Japanese, Sushi, Hibachi
    Mon - Fri 5PM - 10PM
    Sat 4:30PM - 10PM
    Sun 4PM - 9PM
    Cross Streets
    Marvelle Lane & Holmgren Way
    Handicap Access
    Parking on northside of building
    Reservations accepted Sun through Thurs, not accepted Fri & Sat
    Payment Methods
    Cash, Visa, Mastercard
    Sushi Carryout

    Nakashima Features

    Meals Served
    Martinis, Beer, and Wine. We have it all the time!
    Worth Noting
    Wine Tastings every month
    Family, All Ages
    Live Music Thursdays & Fridays
    Outdoor Seating

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