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Z Harvest


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 Need a reservation...even if the place is empty, huh?!, 09-03-2016 10:39PM

By: jargall27

Arrived at 4:30pm, was told by the chef they were closed and to come back at 5pm. Came back at 5:30 and the same guy (the chef) asked if we had reservations. We did not, but they had about 20 tables and only 2 tables were being used by a total of 5 customers. The team went into discussion and told us they could seat us, but it would be about 15 minutes before they could take our order (including our drinks). I gave that lady the most confused look ever as I accepted the 15 minute wait. 30 minutes later, having not been visited even once by a server, we got up and walked out. Our bill would have surely been over $60 (2 adults, 2 toddlers) but they chose to completely ignore us. The menu looked phenomenal so I was very disappointed we didn't get to eat anything.

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