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The Ravine Pub, Grill & Banquet Hall


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 Keep an eye on your money and the Bartender, 12-17-2011 06:34AM


My wife and I just recently stopped at the Ravine for a drink. I had a meeting to go to so I left. She stayed because she saw someone she knew across the bar. She went over to talk to them, when she came back to her stool, her drink was taken away along with $16 she had on the bar. We are OK tippers – but not that good!!

When she questioned the bartender, he said he thought she left. But he had her money conveniently behind the bar where she was sitting. He gave he the money back and replced her drink. But here’s the ridiculous part. He only dumped a half a glass, so that’s all he poured her! He poured her a half a drink!

After telling this story to some other friends - having your money disappear is not uncommon – a few we have heard were given change for a 10, when they gave them a 20. If you stop here…..keep a close eye on the bartenders.

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