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Sammy's Pizza


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 Sammy's Pizza, 06-12-2010 08:29PM

By: Terri

My family was quite pleased to be invited by friends to stop by Sammy's Pizza for supper. It is known far and wide as a great old world pizza restaurant just a stone's throw from Lambeau Field. It was alive with activity as we arrived, obviously a choice many people make on Friday nights. We were seated immediately after being greeted with smiles and handshakes, and our adult and kids drinks were promptly served to us as we surveyed the menu. It has a wide range, from pastas to sandwiches to salads......but we were there for the infamous pizza ! We ordered 2 larges, a feast for 2 families, along with the garlic cheesebread to munch on while the chef worked on our handmade pizza. The atmosphere is definitely different than the "chain" pizza places......it is quite obvious this was a family owned and operated restaurant, a business that has been in the family for generations, and one the owners were extremely proud to put their name on. It was smoke free, with nice warm decor and servers who truly care about making your visit pleasant. Our pizzas arrived hot and bubbly, and were wonderful. The toppings were the distinctive feature....as you could tell the ingredients were fresh cut....not from a can or case. We definitely ate until we couldn't take another bite, and left with a full belly and a memory of a great supper with friends. We will definitely return to try their other entrees.......if we can resist their awesome pizza for just one visit !!

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