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Lion Slicer

Green Bay Bands

Lion Slicer Description

Lion Slicer was born from the ashes of a Nine Pound Hammer tribute band, called The Kentucky Breakdown. Everything went according to plan until they started writing their own stuff. They recruited a second guitar player named Phil. Then everything fell apart. First Keenan left, then Tim ditched out.

Rygar and Phil eventually found Adam, drum commander, captain. They remained known only as R.P.A for two grueling, highly depressing months. Many bassmasters tried out. Some could handle the rock, and some could not.
In our hour of last hope we remembered Adam had a friend named Nate. Nate just happens to be a bassmaster.

No longer R.P.A.N, we are Lion Slicer! We are the alpha Lion Slicer. Al

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Map of Lion Slicer

Lion Slicer Basics

Rock / Punk / Metal
Band Members
Rygar - Vocals, Right Guitar
Phil - Left Guitar, Backing Vocals
Adam - Drums
Nate - Bass, Backing Vocals

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