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Jesse Frewerd

Green Bay Bands

Jesse Frewerd Description

Take Nirvana’s passionate dynamic then blend the lyrical styling’s of a cross between The Wallflowers and Tool, all while taking a long road trip listening to nothing but Incubus and Chevelle- only then would one get an idea of my sound. I like my lyrics to tell the story then use the music to relate the narrative to anyone who would care to listen. I am originally from Green Bay, WI but moved to Louisiana for several years where I enlisted in the military as well as attended college. After high school I experienced plenty of hardship, as my music would tell, but still would like my central message to carry positive overtones, primarily of overcoming even the worst of circumstances.

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Jesse Frewerd Basics

Band Members
Jesse Frewerd
Nirvana, Tool, Chevelle, Silverchair, Incubus
Home Town
Green Bay, WI

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