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Ifdakar Description

Jon Schinke, Zach Chisholm, Rick DeDecker, Nick Tisdale, Curt Biese Ifdakar's pursuit of musical growth and experimental improvisation create an experience not to be forgotten. The fusion/blues guitar, funky bass grooves, free-time jazz keyboard, and hypnotic drumming blend in an inventive emotional style all their own. Performances consist of compositional movements, powerful licks, reflective lyrics, and intense soulful jams.

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Ifdakar Basics

Band Members
Jon Schinke - Guitar/Vocals
Zach Chisholm - Upright/Electric Bass/Vocals
Nick Tisdale - Drums
Rick DeDecker - Keyboards/Vocals
Craig Welch - Percussion/Vocals
Curt Biese - Guitar/Synthesizers/Vocals
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