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Hot Shot

Green Bay Bands

Hot Shot Description

Three lead vocalists! Tight vocal harmonies. Solid, pounding tempos supported by an arsenal of guitars. On top of it all, this audience-captivating show is augmented by the band's very own state-of-the-art concert sound and lighting extravaganza.
Hot Shot's ultra-tight musicianship becomes apparent after listening to the band and how much attention is given to the unique selection of popular songs — music not normally attempted by the average party/show/cover band.
Masterfully covering songs from the 1980s through 2010 with a few '60s-'70s favorites thrown in for the classic rock connoisseur, this trio energizes the audience with crowd-arousing songs people want to hear!

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Hot Shot Basics

Rock / Classic Rock
Band Members
Steve - Guitar and Vocals
James - Bass and Vocals
Jimmy - Drums and Vocals
Johnny Cash to Nickelback
How to Contact Us
Steve -- 920.433.0921

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