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He-Nis-Ra Description

It doesn't matter how it began, it only matters how it ends!! He-Nis-Ra consists of 5 members from different backgrounds that came together for one purpose: To share the realities of life, no sugar coating added, through their music. Each member has injected their own personal life experiences into the style, sound, and lyrics that they play. From messed up abusive childhoods, to prison, from war in the military, to war of everyday lives, each of their songs is in some way tied to one or more of the members past. Through this, they hope to tie themselves to their fans who may be able to relate to these things. To let them know that they are not alone in this world.

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Map of He-Nis-Ra

He-Nis-Ra Basics

Band Members
Joe Ritchie - Vocals
Will McCollum - Vocals
Alex Landwher - Drums/Vocals
Henry Landwher - Bass
Ben Misiken - Guitar
Korn System of a Down
Mudvayne Slipknot Distubed
Creed Chevelle Metallica
Seether Fear Factory
Staind Static-X
Black Sabbath Led Zepplin
Soil Lamb Of God Deftones
Drowning Pool (old &new)
Shinedown Godsmack
Audioslave Coal Chamber
Cold Evans Blue Pink Floyd Van Halen Def Lepard Journey Collective Soul Alice in Chains Tool Mushroomhead Dope Hatebreed Pantera Killswitch Engaged
Trapt Vanilla Ice Rush ZZ Top
Home Town
Green Bay, WI
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