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Galynne Goodwill and MarkOnDrums

Green Bay Bands

Galynne Goodwill and MarkOnDrums Description

Galynne and Mark both Green Bay natives have been making trails around this state and around the country leaving in their path melodies and rhythms that contain warmth, wisdom and energy. Making Appleton homebase, this duo is has been conquering small stages and venues everywhere they go, and it's no surprise. Galynne and MarkOnDrums have a big acoustic sound and mix amongst their original songs some great, yet unexpected covers. Beautiful vocals and syncopated rhythms that blend a little folk rock soul, a little old country roots and a whole lot of innovation in between.

Galynne Goodwill and MarkOnDrums Reviews

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Map of Galynne Goodwill and MarkOnDrums

Galynne Goodwill and MarkOnDrums Basics

Acoustic Rock - Folk - Soul - Roots
Band Members
Galynne Goodwill - Vocals and Acoustic
Mark Riggenbach - Drums, Percussion
love, light, evolution
Home Town
Galynne Goodwill :: Every Little Part
Available on iTunes and CDbaby
How to Contact Us
Email or www.galynne.com/contactgalynne/

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