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Dr. Freeze and the Icemen

Green Bay Bands

Dr. Freeze and the Icemen Description

It has purposely been a slow melt, but things are heating up nicely for Dr. Freeze and the Icemen. The Green Bay band made up of high-profile blues players is releasing its first album this weekend — a project they didn’t exactly see coming when they got together by accident last July. It just so happened several of them had recently gotten off the road and decided to play.
It turned out to be an impressive assembling of musicians with well-known past connections: Dr, Freeze (of a prominent blues family), Mike Larscheid (Elvin Bishop, Normal Adults), Larry Byrne (Luther Allison Band), Jim Kirkpatrick (Short Stuff) and Jimmy Crimmin

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Map of Dr. Freeze and the Icemen

Dr. Freeze and the Icemen Basics

Band Members
Dr. Freeze - harmonica, vocals
Jimmy Crimmins, Matthew O'Grady - guitars/vocals
Mike Larscheid - bass, vocals
James "Snoid" Kirkpatrick - drums
Larry "Third Degree" Bryne - organ, keyboards
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