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Cup O Joy Green Bay, WI

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232 S Broadway
Green Bay, Wisconsin 54303

Cup O Joy Description

Cup O' Joy hosts 'Music That Inspires' in downtown Green Bay in an Alcohol/Smoke Free, Family Friendly environment. Artists come from all over the country to the Cup stage.

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Shawn McDonald & Danen Kane Live at the Cup 'O Joy

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review of by Scott 04-12-2011 09:29AM
Shawn McDonald & Danen Kane
In Concert at the Cup ‘O Joy
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Saturday, March 26, 2011

Warmth pierced the darkness of a late March night at the Cup ‘O Joy music venue located in Green Bay, WI. Warmth came in the form of Shawn McDonald and Danen Kane performing new offerings for two capacity audiences. McDonald’s new album is fresh on the street this month while Kane’s street date is set for April 30th.

Opening for McDonald, Kane performed new songs “Inheritance”, followed by “Alive” and “You Came for Me”. Jeanna Bosacki, a gifted talent, provided backing vocals. Together, the duet closed Kane’s second set with a cover of Misty Edwards’ “Relent”, moving the audience to join their perfect harmony.

McDonald shared many songs, some old and many new, along with his understated humor and stories of his past. Occasionally accompanied by percussionist Craig Paulsen, McDonald captured the audience with his vocals, rhythmic guitar playing, and soul searching lyrics. Crowd favorites included “Captivated”, “Gravity” and “All I Need”. New songs included “Closer” which is currently climbing the FM charts, “Rise”, “Eyes Forward” and “Storms”. During his first set, McDonald improvised lyrics on “Captivated” with the audience erupting in laughter and applauds. Another new offering “Mystery “, debuted by McDonald at a Cup Benefit Concert in 2009, may be the second song to rise in the charts. McDonald’s vocal gifts, whether singing or adding effects to a song, create a ‘wall of sound’ outdoing anything Phil Spector ever engineered.

The evening shined with rarified entertainment. A comfortable venue with terrific sound and friendly atmosphere – perfect, a happy night spent with new and old friends – awesome, the art of Shawn McDonald and Danen Kane - priceless!


Scott S Mertens

A great place to hear great music!

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review of by jano 08-12-2009 11:43PM
It's hard to give a better review than Sarah who reviewed the Jill Phillips Concert back in March of 2009.

Right away there were so many things special and different about this band review. I had not been to the Cup o Joy's "new" location and was immediately impressed with the stage area, music/light set up, and the rows and rows of seating. When I had called earlier in the day, to get the particulars, I was strongly encouraged to get there as close to the doors opening, at 6:30, as possible. Upon arriving (closer to 7pm) it was evident why, this was important, the entire front floor was filled. One special component of the evening was that I was able to have my 6 year-old daughter join me for the concert. We took seats in the "second-tier" section and watched as chairs were added all the way to the back door and then it was standing room only. The Cup o Joy is a unique treasure not only in Green Bay, but also throughout the music community. Artists come from all over the country to perform on the Cup stage because of its professional yet intimate listening setting. Jill Phillips made a point to mention how few venues there are of this caliber that she has come across in her travels. The Cup o Joy states that it "hosts 'Music That Inspires' in downtown Green Bay in an alcohol/smoke free, family friendly environment." Jill Phillips and her husband, Andy Gullahorn, came out on stage and they immediately engaged the crowd with some personal and career background information. This helped set the tone for the intimate journey they would take us through during the evening. Before each song they would take time to explain inspiration for their songs. Their opening song, "A Lot Like Me" was off Jill's most recent release, The Good Things, and as she explained prior to singing it is about how our differences are smaller than we realize and "we are all in the same boat sailing on the same old stormy sea." Jill Phillips is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter who, in 1998, got her start in the music business after graduating from Belmont University. Jill was recognized by CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) magazine for independent artist of the year in 2002. She writes her own songs and currently has six solo CDs released taking samplings from each during the concert. Jill's voice is beautifully clear and soothing with the ability to be emotionally strong. Jill and Andy each played acoustic guitars and their harmony was amazing with great rhythm and lyrics. Songs focused on themes of realizing we are not in control and can not and should not think we can do it all on our own, we need to rely on God to lift us up. "Grand Design" from the CD, Writing On The Wall stated this perfectly, Jill explained she wrote this song after her father passed away and suddenly it was time to decide if she truly believed in all she claimed she did. She needed to release sorrow and anger to the point of acceptance and submission. Not everything was so serious there was humor
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Cup O Joy Events

    Cup O Joy Basics

    Theatre Snacks-Coffee
    Open Every Friday and Saturday night with Great Music. 6:30PM - 10PM
    Historic Broadway District
    Handicap Access
    Handicap Access
    Price Range
    Inexpensive $(under$8)
    Not Accepted
    Payment Methods
    Free but donations are accepted
    Seating Capacity

    Cup O Joy Features

    All ages
    Various styles, schedule on website
    Outdoor Seating
    Free Live Music

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