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Best Restaurants near the Meyer Theater

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Plenty of people visit the Meyer Theater, it's located right in downtown Green Bay, and they have many, many wonderful and unique shows. The Meyer Theater was constructed and opened to the public in the 1930's. While in the beginning, the Meyer certainly had its ups and downs; it has become a historic and popular Green Bay venue. Most of the Meter Theaters show start at 7PM or 8PM. With that being said, numerous Green Bay restaurants are open before and after every show. So which ones are the Meyer Theater restaurants not to miss? The people of Green Bay have spoken. Below is a list of the most popular Meyer Theater Restaurants in Green Bay.


Cafe Espresso -- Cafe Espresso is located right next door to the Meyer Theater. Talk about being convenient. This Meyer Theater restaurant hotspot is known for its cozy and lively atmosphere, delicious food, and excellent drinks. Cafe Espresso does get packed on Meyer Theater show nights, so arrive early, or sit at the bar and relax. Cafe Espresso also serves as a fantastic date night restaurant. Their cuisine is a mix of Italian, Greek, and Mexican food.

Black and Tan -- Black and Tan is located across the street from the Meyer Theater. The Black and Tan is on the more formal side, catering to a slightly more upscale crowd that Cafe Espresso. This American steakhouse restaurant has you covered if you're looking for drinks and dinner. There is a separate bar area at Black and Tan, so if you're in the mood for cocktails, no worries, Black and Tan will still welcome you in with open arms. Many locals have been coming to this popular Meyer Theater restaurant for years and years, and once you go see for yourself, you'll understand why.

Republic Chophouse -- Republic Chophouse may not be right next door from the Meyer Theater, but it is still right around the corner and within walking distance. Republic Chophouse offers a fine dining food and drink menu in a lively and beautifully decorated place. The bar part is separate from the more formal dining area, so, at Republic Chophouse, come for drinks, come for food, but most of all, come for fun before your Meyer Theater show.  

Fox Heights -- Even though Fox Heights seems like it's always been a part of downtown Green Bay, this Meyer Theater hotspot is the newest of the Green Bay restaurants. Fox Heights is a sister restaurant of Fox Harbor. Residents of Green Bay love Fox Harbor, and eagerly awaited the arrival of Fox Heights. This popular Meyer Theater restaurant offers a casual atmosphere where people come for food, just as much as they come solely for drinks. The interior is decorated in dark woods adding a warm and cozy feel. The cuisine is American food where sandwiches and burgers rule the lands. The bartenders and servers always walk around with a smile, and it contagious. 

Hagemeister Park --   Hagemeister Park is the furthest restaurant away from the Meyer Theater, although it is still within walking distance. Hagemeister Park offers outdoor seating facing the Fox River. In the summertime, the view can't be beat. This Meyer theater restaurant is owned and run by the same creative minds that run The Bars, and Graystone Alehouse. With that being said, this restaurant knows a thing or two about American food and great burgers. On weekend evenings there is even a bar located outside. Two bars equal twice the fun!

Koko Sushi Bar and Lounge -- If you're looking for something completely different that American cuisine or a steakhouse, then Koko's the Meyer Theater restaurant for you. Koko Sushi Bar and Lounge is, well, a sushi bar and lounge. The interior is huge and is wonderfully decorated. The service is on the slow side, so be patient, and get ready to wait. Koko Sushi Bar and Lounge is located close to Chophouse Republic, so just a short walk from the Meyer Theater.


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