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Best Pizza in Green Bay

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One wouldn't think that pizza and Green Bay go hand-in-hand, but they do. There's plenty of delicious fresh pizza to be found. Over the years, more and more pizza restaurants have moved and expanded in the area. Whether you're looking for pizza delivery, thin crust pizza, cheap pizza or take-and-bake pizzas, Green Bay has you covered. Here's a list of pizza restaurants in the Green Bay, De Pere and Howard Suamico area that are not to be missed. We've carefully taken scientific studies and analysis' of quality pizzas in the area to discover the best and the brightest Green Bay has to offer. (Not really, we've just eaten A LOT of pizza, and have taken numerous polls to see different people's preferences.) 


Cranky Pat's Pizza -- Cranky Pat's is a family owned favorite. They have been in Green Bay for a number of years, and only continue to grow. Recently, Cranky Pat's has expanded to the Howard Suamico area. People seem to love the thin cripsy crust loaded with delicious fresh toppings. Cranky Pat's offers carryout pizza or dine in pizza. They are open late, and always serve hot pizza with  a smile.

Sammy's Pizza -- Sammy's Pizza is another locally owned and run pizza restaurant in Green Bay. While they serve other traditional Italian dishes it seems to be that their pizza is what people go crazy for. Sammy's prides themselves on fresh and natural pizza ingredients. They also like to use a lot of cheese, which living in the beautiful state of Wisconsin, is a must. Sammy's offers carryout pizza or dine in pizza.

Glass Nickel Pizza -- In Pizza We Trust. With a motto like that it's no wonder Glass Nickel Pizza is another Green Bay favorite. While this is a chain pizza restaurant, it certainly doesn't take away from good quality and great tasting pizza. Glass Nickel Pizza offers many different varieties of fresh ingredients, so there's is something everyone will like. Fun fact, Glass Nickel Pizza also uses eco-friendly devices in order to run thier restaurants. Wow, a pizza company that cares about the quality their of pizza and the envionment in Green Bay? Who knew.

Bilotti's Pizza Garden -- Bilotti's Pizza Garden has been a pizza fixture in the De Pere area since the 1950's. The key for Bilotti's to continuously command attention as a favorite pizza restaurant has been easy from the start. They have fresh high quality pizza ingredients and they aren't afraid to use 'em. Billoti's offers carryout pizza, delivery pizza (in the De Pere area) and take-and-bake pizza.      

Sgambati's New York Pizza - De Pere -- No longer do you have to travel cross-country to be able to sink your teeth into a tantalizing slice of New York pizza. Sgambati's offers New York-style pizza slices that are big and bold, offering a whole new definition for what qualifies as a large pizza. Because the "New York way" to eat a slice of pizza is to pick it up and fold it in half.

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