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Best Breweries in Green Bay WI

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Any place can serve a Bud Light, not that there's anything wrong with that. But sometimes you want a micro brew or a local Wisconsin beer. Some bars in Green Bay offer the best selection of local beers, craft beers, micro brews, or whatever you want to call these uniquely made brews. I'm not going to say that Green Bay offers the best craft beers around, but... yeah, I will say that. Check out the list below and discover your new favorite Green Bay Breweries today!

Hinterland Brewery -- We would be completely remiss if we didn't include Hinterland Brewery as a Green Bay local beer favorite! Hinterland is more of an upscale restaurnt and micro brewery. The local beers they offer sell around in some your other favorite Green Bay restaurants and bars too. But if you want the full range of Hinterland's micro brews, you come right to the source. Hinterlanf offers many different varieties of beer, such as, a Pale Ale, Luna Stout, Amber Ale, Saison, and an IPA year round, while also offering seasonal and limited release craft beers too.

Titletown Brewery -- How is Green Bay so lucky as to have not one, but TWO awesome local breweries? Funnily enough, Titletown is located right across the street from Hinterland. Titletown takes pride in their craft beers. You can also find some Titletown craft beers in another Green Bay restaurants and bars, but if you want a chance to taste all that they have to offer, come to Titletown Brewery.

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