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Best Live Music in Green Bay

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Sometimes there's nothing better than going out and hearing some amazing live music. Not all Green Bay restaurants and bars have live music. Some have something going on almost every night of the week, some offer only karaoke nights, and some offer music only on the weekends. Here's a compiled list of the best bars and restaurants that offer live music in Green Bay. As always, check out the Event Calendar to get the exact dates, times, and happenings. 


Chefusion -- Chefusion is offers live music on Friday and Saturday nights starting at around 7:30PM. In order to listen to their bands, you must sit upstairs in their lounge bar area instead of sitting in the main dining area downstairs. Have no fear, you can order food and drinks all the same upstairs. Chefusion is more on the fancy side with specialty drinks and entrees. Mostly jazz music, and acoustic guitar music can be heard floating around while you drink and dine.

Phat Headz -- Phat Headz may look only like a rocker joint. That's far from the truth. While being toted as a music hotspot, this bar has all varieties of live music. Phat Headz has karaoke nights, jam band nights, and plenty of live music. For the most part, Phat Headz offers karaoke and jam band nights on the week nights, and great live music on the weekend nights. The bands that frequent this joint are mostly local bands from the Green Bay and surrounding cities. You can find country, blues, metal, hip-hop, and yes, rock playing almost every night of the week. Dancing and rockin' out is highly encouraged. On a side note: Be sure to check out the amazing artwork covering the walls of Phat Headz. While the music will keep your ears happy, the artwork littering the interior will definitely keep your eyes happy.

Frets & Friends -- This new Green Bay music venue may only be a year old, but that hasn't stopped them from becoming a live music mecca. Frets & Friends offers open mics on Thursdays, and live music on the weekends. The bands that parade through this bar are local Green bay bands, and bands that come from other far off cities. You can find blue grass, roots, rock, country, and alternative music playing throughout the nights. Jumping aorund and dancing to the live music cannot be stopped, trust us, if you go there, you will jam out.

Crunchy Frog -- Crunchy Frog has been a staple in Green Bay for a number of years. They are mostly known for loud metal, alternative, and hard rock music. They always seem to pack quite a crowd, and when they do have live music nights, it's usually at least three bands rocking out, not just one. There is a cover charge, but it's usually $5. And who wouldn't pay $5 bucks to see awesome live music?

A's Restaurant & Music Cafe -- This music hotspot is located in De Pere and is more upscale. There is a restaurant side and a bar side. But on both sides you will still be able to hear the melodic tunes on Friday and Saturday nights. Jazz music, acoustic guitar, or even someone tickling the ivory keys will surely rapture your attention for the night.

Jimmy Seas -- Jimmy Seas is a casual restaurant and bar in Allouez. They have live music most Fridays and Saturdays, and the type of live bands vary greatly. You can find rock, country, jazz, alternative, roots, and even reggae music here. During the summer months, when the Green Bay weather is warm, the bands play on their outside patio. Be sure to get there early, Jimmy Seas always packs a crowd.

La Vie Boheme Wine Bar -- La Vie Boheme is a wine bar located in the De Pere area. A wine bar sounds fancy, and this place is, but in the laid back relaxed fancy way. The live music can be heard weekend nights starting at 8PM. It ranges from blues, indie, folk, jazz, soft rock, r & b, and is mostly acoustic style. This De Pere wine bar also offers bottle and draught beer, in a variety that's more on the import side.    

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