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Best Green Bay Supper Clubs

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Nothing says Green Bay like a good 'ol fashioned Supper Club. Some Green Bay supper clubs have been around for many, many years, while a few are up and coming. While most are the same, offering steak, seafood, and other American fan fare, there are a few supper clubs that stand out. Here's a list of the best Green Bay supper clubs around!


Eve's Supper Club -- Eve's Supper Club is located in the Allouez area of Green Bay. Besides being one of the best Green Bay supper clubs in town, Eve's has a fantastic view of the Fox River. Eve's is open everyday but Sundays, and they are even open during lunch hours. The atmosphere is casual, and the cuisine is American, featuring steaks, chicken, seafood, lamb, pork, and veal dishes. The service is upbeat and friendly.

Kropp's Supper Club -- Kropp's Supper Club is located in the Howard Suamico area, and has been a staple in Green Bay since 1904. This family run supper club is only open certain days of the week, but it's a must to take time to check them out. They offer some of the best steak, seafood, chicken an other American food options. As Kropps Supper Club is open limited days/hours of the week, be sure to get there early, as they tend to fill up quick. Service is always friendly, but might be a bit slow due to the high volume of patrons.

Club Chalet -- This Green Bay supper club is located in Dykesville. Club Chalet is toted as being a classic Wisconsin supper club, meaning, the decor is outdated, the prices are low, and the food is good and plentiful. Club Chalet is open everyday of the week but Mondays. There is always a crowd, so be patient. This supper club offers American food with, of course, steaks and seafood as the main attraction.

Wally's Spot Supper Club -- Wally's Spot Supper Club is located on the east side of Green Bay. Wally's has been a hotspot for the folks of Green Bay for over 60 years. Obviously, they're doing somehting right. This family owned Green Bay supper club offers great steaks, seafood, chicken, and other American dishes at reasonable prices. In the summertime, enjoy a a nice meal outside on their patio.

River's Bend Steak and Seafood Restaurant -- River's Bend is located in the Howard Suamico area. This supper club has been aroudn for a number of years, closed briefly, and is now back in the game. River's Bend offers classic American cuisine such as steaks, seafood and chicken dishes. If you're lucky enough you might be sat by the windows which will give you a fantastic view of Duck Creek. The prices are reasonable, and River's Bend has service with a smile.  

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