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Best Friday Fish Fry in Green Bay

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Green Bay is known for many things. And a good 'ol Friday fish fry is definitely one of them. For the most part, all restaurants and bars cater to the high demand of a Friday fish fry, but which ones are the best? Well, we've polled a number of Green Bay area folks and this is the best Friday fish fry restaurants not to miss. Whether you're in from out of town, or you live in the Green Bay, De Pere, and Howard Suamico area, you can't go wrong with these awesome Friday fish fry places! Since a Friday fish fry at any place is usually crowded, it is wise to go early and expect a wait. You can also call the restaurant or bar and ask the approximate wait time. Our suggestion? Go when you want, and relax; it's the weekend. Perch, it's whats for dinner.


Redwood Inn -- The Redwood inn has been in Green Bay for a number of years. This family-run hotspot is always busy on a Friday night. And there's no guessing as to why. Their Friday fish fry begins with a secret family recipe that has kept customers coming back year after year.  If you're unfamiliar with Redwood Inn, here's the drill: Expect a wait. This place is usually busy. You get a number when you walk in the door. Most people go to the bar, grab a seat and a drink, and relax. You order sometime while you're waiting. When your number is called, you're then seated at a table, with your perch fry ready. Redwood Inns Friday fish fry is where locals and visitors alike don't want to miss, the perch is top notch and the service is friendly.

The Settlement -- The Settlement is a small little tavern, out on a small little road. But that doesn't mean that their Friday fish fry is small too. The Settlements Friday fish fry is popular among locals with its lightly breaded and large sized fish filets. Lots and lots of fries come on the side, making this meal, well, large. And the price is quite reasonable too. Sometimes nothing is better than a Green Bay country bar with low prices, friendly service and a Friday fish fry!  

Maricques -- Maricques is an interesting place. To be blunt, Maricques is a dive bar, and kinda proud of it. The service is somewhat spotty, and no, you don't get utensils for your Friday fish fry, but hey, the perch is good. Folks have been coming to Maricques for generations, because of the great tasting fresh perch, not for the frills and fancy place. Maricques perch fry comes two ways: with or without the bone. Some people say the perch tastes better with the bone in, but bottom line, the perch fry at Maricques is good.

Twin Oaks -- Twin Oaks is a golf course located a little ways past Redwood Inn. Twin Oaks is known for two things: being a golf course and good a Friday perch fry. Some people say that the perch Maricques use for their Friday fish fry is the same perch used by Twin Oaks. The lightly breaded perch from Twin Oaks is widely popular, just ask the crowd there every Friday night. Be prepared to wait too. There is a large bar area, so you can sit and get a drink or two, or three. The service has been spotty at Twin Oaks, but that doesn't mean their perch fry isn't worth it.  

Highland Howies -- Highland Howies has recently opened another restaurant in Green Bay, or more specifically in the Howard area. People rave about Highland Howie's Friday fish fry as being one of the best. The perch is lightly breaded, crispy, and fresh. Highland Howie's is a family oriented restaurant, so don't be afraid to bring the kids. There is usually a wait on Friday nights, but that just gives you more time to have a drink at the bar or chit chat with friends and family.


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