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Burnt Toast and Jam

Green Bay Bands

Burnt Toast and Jam Description

The story of Burnt Toast & Jam began more than 20 years ago as a group of friends gathered to play music at campfires, in garages and living rooms, on the banks of the Red River and among the tall pines of Northeast Wisconsin. Improvisational jam sessions inspired the creation of “Dewgrass”, a genre of music coined by guitar player Tim Balke's daughter Maggie Rayne. As our jam sessions evolved, so did the band.

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Map of Burnt Toast and Jam

Burnt Toast and Jam Basics

Band Members
Timothy M. Balke --acoustic guitar
Kurby Hoffman -- banjo
Patrick Rades -- Dobro, acoustic guitar
Tod Pubanz -- bass
Sarah Ludeman -- rockin' box with spurs
1995 -- Burnt Toast and Jam
1999 -- Dewgrass
2005 -- Lost in the Woods
How to Contact Us
920.737.5122 or email us @ bookingbtj@yahoo.com

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