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Blueheels Description

what is there to know about blueheels? we like to play musical songs for people who like to listen to musical songs. we really appreciate it when we get to play musical songs for people in a place where alchohol is given freely, the sound guy knows whats up, and no one asks us to play mustang sally. not that theres anything wrong with mustang sally, we just don't know how to play it and are kind of embarassed when we have to say no to that drunk guy in the corner who doesn't know when to shut up(we've all been that guy- you know YOU'VE been that guy.)

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Blueheels Basics

Rock 'n' Roll
Band Members
Robby Schiller - acoustic guitar and vocals ; Adam Cargin - drums ; Justin Bricco - electric guitar; Brett Jannusch - bass ; Rebecca Krafft - vocals; Love- all you need
Home Town
Long Gone

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