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Blackstone Restaurant East Green Bay, WI

Green Bay Restaurants and Bars


1698 East Mason St.
Green Bay, Wisconsin 54301

Blackstone Restaurant East Description

Late Night Dining Open 24 Hours. serving breakfast all day.

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Rated 3 out of 5

based on 2 ratings and 2 reviews

Mediocre Food with Undertones

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review of by Scizyr 08-15-2010 11:44PM
This is a restaurant you would expect to see in a cheesy horror film. First of all, as soon as you walk in you are met with the combination of dead silence and zombie glares from every patron and staff member in view. Pardon? You heard what I said don't lie. You aren't so much met by a server as you are shooed off to some corner of the restaurant so you don't continue to annoy the rest of the Black Stone population with your presence. What did you say? I'm speaking normally and in plain English, don't pretend you can't understand. If you prefer drinking water at restaurants be prepared to be scoffed at as your server presumes you are poverty stricken and stamps away in a fit. After coming back with a fake smile you might be able to order, that is only if the waitress thinks enough of you to let you order. If not, be prepared to repeat yourself over and over as she pretends not to understand your words. The food is nothing noteworthy. Any small restaurant in any town will net you the same or better food than this place. The prices were low but with the angry vibes of everyone and the awkward silence of the place makes Black Stone Family Restaurant not worth a visit.
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First Visit

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review of by Michael 01-21-2010 12:00AM
Hearing such positive things from some of my most trusted sources, I finally ventured here for dinner with my wife. I have been trying to get my butt over here for since they opened the east side location not long ago. One opportunity after another slipped through my fingers, so when my wife and I couldn't decide what to do for dinner last night we decided to give Blackstone a shot. Formerly Hansen’s deli we had no idea for expectations.
Thankfully, they succeeded our expectations! An inexpensive meal that stuffed two Wisconsinites is a rough enough task itself. I think what makes Blackstone great is the culture and traditions, but will make us come back is the menu and the taste for the great value! Definitely late at night, since they serve breakfast late!
Although we thought we would get something a little healthier, it was a old school cafe! We ordered three main dishes: the appetizer sampler, the super cheeseburger, and some chicken strips. All were full of complex flavors I come to expect from a cafe. I didn't try any pies, but they had a good selection!

I know cafe food is a love it or hate it kind of thing. So your mileage may vary, but this is about my opinion isn't it? :) Ultimately, the price was beyond just right, try a new place once a month if you can! Blackstone is a winner, period. I'll be back.
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Blackstone Restaurant East Events

    Blackstone Restaurant East Basics

    Open 24 Hours Daily
    Green Bay East
    Cross Streets
    Mason and Abrams
    Price Range
    Inexpensive $(under$8)
    Not Necessary
    Payment Methods
    Cash, Visa, Mastercard

    Blackstone Restaurant East Features

    Meals Served
    Late Night
    No Alcohol
    All Ages

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