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Bangkok Garden Restaurant Green Bay, WI

Green Bay Restaurants and Bars


240 N. Broadway
Green Bay, Wisconsin 54303

Fax: 920.433.9904

Bangkok Garden Restaurant Description

We serve the best Thai food using only the freshest, quality foods made to order. Authentic, delicious and one of a kind. Located a stones throw from downtown Green Bay and the Fox River, in the historic Broadway entertainment district, the Bangkok Garden Restaurant has been severing the very best in authentic Thai foods, since 1998. We use only top quality seafood, meat & produce, prepared with our own traditional sauces and spices.

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Horrible food and service

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review of by Jackiodom 04-22-2014 06:12AM
Absolutely awful! I have never sent back food before but I had to send back my scallop and shrimp dish. It was cold and under cooked. The waitress, I'm assuming the owner, reheated the dish but it was still disgusting. I told her I still wasn't happy with it. She offered no condolence, so I asked her to take it off the bill. As I was still hungry I tried my stepsons pot stickers, awful, and then his egg rolls, equally as disgusting! I was going to just forget about it and hit a drive thru on the way home but then she brought the bill. Upon placing the bill on the table she told me she took my dish off the bill which she normally wouldn't do because there was nothing wrong with it! She stated she tried it in the back and it was just fine! I have worked in the food service industry for many years and I have never seen nor heard of the wait staff arguing or picking a fight with the CUSTOMER!!!! We are from out of town but have family in the area. We will never come back to this restaurant! It was absolutely disgusting and upsetting! A customer should never be treated like this. HORRIBLE!!!!!!!

Worst Experience Ever

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review of by stephr 06-06-2011 12:28PM
My father always talked so fondly of this place so we all decided to go there one night--a party of 5 people. When we arrived (at 6 pm)there we only 3 other tables in the place. We sat down ordered our drinks and continued to look at the menu. While we were waiting for our drinks a couple m ore tables walked in. The waiter came back and we ordered appetizers with him. We waiting about 10 mins for our apps, the waiter dropped then off. we told him we were ready to order and he assured us he would be right back for our order. We finished our apps and piled all of the plates when the waiter finally came back for our entree order. About 15 mins after placing our order, he came back and asked us again what we ordered. we gave him our order again. This was about 645 pm. at 715 he brought one of the entrees out to our table and told us he would be back with the others. 15 mins later at 730 he had to waive him down to find out where the rest of the food was. he said he would be out in a minute. at 745 he brought one more plate, it was cold...not warm...cold. At 8 pm--two hours after arriving only two people have been served a half hout apart. We asked a different waitress if their was a manager, she said no. We got the waiters attention, told him not to bother with the others that we were not going to stay their and told him expect not to pay for the experience that we had. He brought the bus boy over--prob about 16 yrs old to tell us we had to pay for the food that we ordered. Told him that we didnt even receive any of it. They decided not to charge us for what we didnt receive, but did make us pay $40 for the food that was received, although cold and uneaten. I wouldnt have minded the wait however table that arrived up to an hour and a half after us we already eating before us. I have never in my life had a dining experience like this and will never return. This place is joke and there is no wonder to me why there wasnt anybody in that place.
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Map of Bangkok Garden Restaurant

Bangkok Garden Restaurant Events

    Bangkok Garden Restaurant Basics

    Thai Food
    Daily: 11:00 am - 9:30 pm
    Closed everyday from 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm
    Historic Broadway District
    Cross Streets
    Broadway and Dousman
    Price Range
    Mid-Range $$($8-$14)
    Reservations Recommended
    Payment Methods
    Cash, Visa, Mastercard

    Bangkok Garden Restaurant Features

    Meals Served
    Full Bar, Beer, and Tropical Drinks
    Volcano Chicken
    Outdoor Seating
    Lunch Buffet Mon - Fri 11AM - 2PM

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