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Amy LaVere

Green Bay Bands

Amy LaVere Description

Amy LaVere routinely gets antsy after she's been off the road awhile. Born in Shreveport, Louisiana and a native of Bethany, Texas, she's really more a child of America - a self-described "General Motors brat" whose father's jobs kept her small family frequently on the move. Her life as a touring musician seems tailor-made for a woman who is seemingly one part upright bassist and another part gypsy.

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Amy LaVere Basics

Soul / Rock / Indie
Band Members
Amy LaVere - Upright Bass and Vocals
Steve Selvidge - Guitar
Paul Taylor - Drums
Some of my top favorites would include Ray Charles, Willie Nelson, Joni Mitchell, Pink Floyd, Prince and Leonard Cohen.
Home Town
Memphis, TN
Anchors and Anvils
This World Is Not My Home
How to Contact Us
Via website

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