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A Night in the Box

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A Night in the Box Description

Take a banjo, a fiddle, the guitar, drums and some damn fine hats, and you've got the Minneapolis-based A Night in the Box. The image is easily described, but it is slightly more difficult to characterize their sound.

Started in 2006 by three high school friends, Alex Dalton (drums, vocals), Clayton Hagen (lead vocals, guitar) and Travis Hetman (banjo, vocals, guitar, harmonica), A Night in the Box released their debut album "The Hustle, The Prayer, The Thief" on Afternoon Records. Their Americana-infused soul and bluegrass with the intensity of hardcore punk aesthetic has since won over fans and critics worldwide.

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Map of A Night in the Box

A Night in the Box Basics

Bluegrass / Folk Rock / Indie
Band Members
Clayton Hagen - Vocals and Gibson
Travis Hetman - Vocals, Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Harmonica, Mandolin
Alex Dalton - Drums
Kailyn Spencer - Violin
Blind Willie McTell, Cab Calloway, Robert Johnson, Elvis Presley, Neil Young, Tom Waits, the Stanley Brothers, Sonny Boy Williamson, Frank Sinatra, MJ, The Band, Otis Redding, Ray Charles, Etta James, Meg White, Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire, Old and In The Way, the Memphis Jugband, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, The Traveling Willbury's, The International Noise Conspiracy, REFUSED, Elliott Smith, Havtrish Netmill, Captain Beefheart, The Rza, DEVO, f-minus, Jurassic Park 1 and Dr. Satler and Dotson too.
How to Contact Us
Management and Booking:
Ian Anderson - Ian at afternoonrecords.com
Tim Leutgeb - ltmediasolutionsanddesign at gmail.com

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