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Kittners Pub Green Bay, WI

Green Bay Restaurants and Bars


129 S Washington St
Green Bay, Wisconsin 54301

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Rated 3 out of 5

based on 5 ratings and 2 reviews

fun night out

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review of by jerbare 11-07-2012 10:11PM
The environment at kittners was fun upbeat and the drinks are very affordable.


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review of by TP4454 07-28-2012 06:40AM
I have frequented Kittners for 6 years. Never have my girlfriend and I been disrespected like we did by the bouncer on July 27, 2012. My friend was initially kicked out for being too intoxicated so I followed him out the door per request by the bouncer. While walking back in to meet up with my girlfriend and her friends i was violently pushed down the stairs being told I was the one who was too drunk to come back in. I followed his violent shove out the door with no resistance as it was no big deal...it's kittners. My girlfriend was on the stairs at the time and was thrown to the ground for absolutely no reason. I had great times at kittners, my friends have had great times at kittners, I have spent a lot of money at kittners. Due to poor hiring of bouncers and lack of training for them, some goon with no education flexed his muscles too much and hurt innocent patrons of kittners. I have lost complete respect for Kittners. This establishment is poorly managed and will only cater to your money, not your business. The other bouncer even apologized to me for the one bouncer being a dick. This is a terrible establishment and I will preach this until that single bouncer is fired.
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Map of Kittners Pub

Kittners Pub Events

    Kittners Pub Basics

    Tuesday-Saturday 7:00PM to 2:30AM
    Sunday and Monday Closed Except Holidays.
    Price Range
    Inexpensive $(under$8)
    Not Necessary
    Payment Methods
    Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover

    Kittners Pub Features

    Beer, Wine, Full Bar
    Worth Noting
    20 Beers on Tap
    Outdoor Seating
    Pool, Darts

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